Production Facilities

Blow Room Department:
Blow Room Department is quipped with latest European and chinese machinery. We also have the world’s best contamination control device, LOPTEX is installed in our Blow Room to produce high quality yarn with minimum level of contamination.
Carding Department:
Card Department is equipped with most Crosrol Cards.

Drawing Department:
Drawing and Simplex Department are equipped with latest Toyoda and Truetzschler machines.

Ring Department:
Ring Department is equipped with high speed EJM168 & FA506 chinese Machines, with SKF drafting from Germany to produce high quality yarns.

Auto Cone Department:
Auto Cone Department is equipped with the most modern automatic Italian & Japanese machines, Savio as well as latest Murata Mach Coner, Automatic Cone Winders equipped with splicers.

TFO Department:
We have the largest double yarn manufacturing (TFO) facility under one roof in Pakistan. Our TFO Department consists of state of the art Japanese and Germany machinery equipped with Aqua Splicers to produce high quality knotless double yarn.
Conditioning Department:
All yarn cones are passed through a latest automated conditioning machine, which give strong vacuuming and steaming to each cone at required temperature to enhance the yarn strength and elongation and reduce the friction values. This enables the knitters and weavers to achieve greater efficiency during processing.