Social Commitment

We are deeply committed to play an active role for betterment of our community and environments, our 1500 committed employee are as important as our external customers.

Employees Welfare
· We nurture our work culture by giving training and support to every individual by highly skilled and experienced trainers to perform better within a good working environment.
· For the care of our employees, medical facility is provided in the mills for their minor treatment, and the company bears a major portion of hospitalization expenses for the deserving employees.
· Purified drinking water and fresh food is provided to the employees.
· Accommodation is provided to the workers and the management near by the plant.
· We give high importance to and practice all Rules and regulations of Government of Pakistan relating to child labor, work safety and minimum wages etc.

Environment friendly
We take special care to keep our environment fresh and healthy for all our Employees.

Community welfare
· Generous donations are given for funding of hospitals, schools and to different charity programs by our company and active participation is made in donations for natural disasters.
· Extra curricular activities are organized at different occasions to provide a healthy and friendly atmosphere to the employees, which gives them a spirit of healthy competition and team work.