Vision / Mission / Permissible Business Activities

To be a dynamic, profitable and growth oriented Company.

The mission of the Company is to prudently utilize the human resources and plant and machinery in order to achieve high levels of sustainable growth by:
* offering high class products and services to all our customers.
* continuously upgrading the latest production facilities to achieve higher levels of operational efficiency.
* nurturing a work culture that generates creativity, enthusiasm, professionalism and teamwork.
* maintaining the highest standards of ethics, safety and environment.
* contributing towards the economic development of the country.


  1. To own, establish, manage and run spinning and weaving mills, dying, bleaching, calendaring, finishing, mercerizing and printing mills, other works and factories for the manufacture of cotton, silk, nylon, polyester rayon and woolen yarn and fabrics, hosiery and spooling fibrous and synthetic materials and their products and by-products thereof, and generally to carry on the business as manufacturers, producers, Importers, stockiest and otherwise dealers in yarn, cloth and hosiery of all and every description and allied articles.
  2. To manufacture, buy, import, twist, exchange, convert, alter or otherwise handle or deal in synthetic, zari, golden, yarn, silver yarn, nylon yarn, rayon yarn, artificial silk yarn, including synthetic or man-made fibre or fibres, stamp fibre staple, fibre yarn and such other fibre, fibres or fibrous materials or allied products, by-products, or substances or substitutes for all or deemed beneficial for the business and purpose of the Company.
  3. To carry on the business of purchasing, selling, importing, exporting, stocking or otherwise dealing in raw cotton jute, flax, wool, hamp, silk, and art silk, rayon, nylon, rubber, polyester fibre or synthetic substances and to process, comb, refine, press, gin, spin, weave, knit, loop, stitch, or otherwise manufacture and prepare products and by-products thereof for marketing or internal use in the works of the Company.
  4. To carry on the business as manufacturers, producers, exporters, importers, and dealers in all sorts of polyester and synthetic yarns of all and every description, to obtain, use, and exploit technical know-how, in the manufacture and production of polyester yarn and fabrics.
  5. To import, export, stock, manufacture, or otherwise deal in all sorts of yarn, textile, fabrics and hosiery, whether made of silk, art silk, rayon, polyester, nylon, cotton, wool and jute or any other fibrous or synthetic material and all sorts of handloom products, tapestry, nettings, spooling and carpets of all varieties and description.
  6. To erect, maintain, alter, extend, modernize, remodel or otherwise establish, own, manage and run various kinds of mills, factories and works and to undertake and execute any contract for works involving the supply or use of any machinery and to carry out any auxiliary or other works, comprised of such works.
  7. To deal and carry on business as importers, exporters, agents, suppliers or otherwise dealers in all sorts of machinery, plant, apparatus, implements, spares, accessories, mill stores, foundry products, engineering stores, lubricants, chemicals, raw materials and all other articles, goods and materials required in mills and factories.
  8. To carry on the business as advisors, consultants, engineers and technical experts for any trade or industry and to render such advice and service as are usually rendered by the technicians engineers, commercial, economical, industrials and business consultants and to prepare, plan, explore, conduct test and market research, collection of data or otherwise assist in the execution of such schemes as may be thought desirable in conjunction with the business of the company.

Allied activities covered in the Memorandum of Association of the Company.